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Custom developed or WordPress-based website, webshop for your business. Our basic principle is that the web development adapts to your vision and not the other way around! You dream it - we make it.

G2A - The digital marketing agency

  • Outside the box thinking to help you reach your goal.
  • Continuous brainstorming and consultation with the Client.
  • Excellent expertise.
  • Continuous desire to improve.
  • "go the extra mile" credo.
  • Precision.
  • And the end result is success.
which we can help with

Our Web Development Services

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What We Guarantee

Our solution is a solution that fully fits your company's profile and provides a unique appearance on the web. You can access your website from anywhere and use it on any device.
computer, tablet, mobile


Responsive website creation, as the name suggests, means the creation of websites designed with the Responsive Web Design method. Today, the two most common types are custom responsive website creation and template-based responsive website creation. Websites made with responsive web design technology are called responsive websites. In the optimal case, a responsive website is optimized for three types of views: Mobile view, tablet view and desktop view. Nowadays, almost all websites are made with responsive technology, so we can safely say that a responsive website can be considered an industry standard.

which you might not even think about


Website speed is extremely important for user experience, but it is also good for search engine optimization. One of the most frequently voiced demands of users regarding websites is fast loading. They are absolutely necessary

What does it take?

  • Website size should be small
  • The graphics are minimal
  • Multimedia effects should only be used in absolutely necessary cases
a not negligible aspect


Today, website security is just as much an integral part of website technical SEO as loading speed or content. Many websites still communicate through insecure channels, even if the browser already discourages our customers from entering any personal data well in advance. A website can be said to be secure if both the browser's web server and the web server and the programs on it can be said to be secure.

if we want to be found


The positioning of keywords is the most important during website optimization. Keywords are perhaps the most important building blocks for the life of websites. However, these keywords are very important not only for website optimization but also for online store optimization. Let's find as many possible keywords as possible, create as many variations of them as possible and see how big the competition is for these. At the beginning, it is worth optimizing for general keywords with a lower search value, there is less competition, and we will be able to acquire potential customers sooner.

for equal opportunities


In relation to Internet websites, accessibility does not mean anything different than it does in real life: to make services accessible and usable even for the disabled. They have reading programs and special tools with which they can use the Internet, the medium that is sometimes the most important connection for them with the outside world. The task of webmasters is only to get their websites in the right "shape".

step by step

The Steps Of Web Development

During the consultation, we assume that the website you want and need will emerge.

We prepare a detailed, easily transparent individual price offer with transparent development phases. When you nod, the process can start.

We design the website, webshop, create UI/UX plans and communicate with you constantly.

A web development is unthinkable without getting to know your competitors and their website.

We prepare the menu map, finalize the design elements and the structure of the individual pages based on the knowledge so far.

Here, too, you can continuously monitor the individual phases.

For everything to work perfectly, it needs to be tested.

We check everything again before handing over, from plugins to analytics and webmaster tools to integrated platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to complete the new website?

It depends on what kind of website you want. Based on your needs during the consultation, we can tell you when your new website will be available.

I have an idea, but I'm not sure.
Can you help with this too?

The short answer: Yes! We will ask you countless questions that will help you to create a plan for a feasible, money-generating website from your idea.

if convinced by our arguments

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