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Strategic marketing is a way of thinking. Some companies underestimate the importance of marketing strategy, which often leads to loss of income, slow company development, poorly targeted audience and unnecessary spending of money. Isn't that what you want?

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Why do I need a marketing strategy?

Because this saves you money and time. It summarizes the long-term goals, and strategic marketing tells in detail about the objectives of your business, from the image of the business, through the positioning to the specific campaign ideas. Developing a professional marketing strategy and marketing planning opens a new era in both branding and maximizing your income.

Stratégiai Marketing
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What is strategic marketing?

Growing a business is not an easy task. Strategic marketing can help with this. You need a good idea, a profitable market niche and the right tools to reach your target group. Marketing helps with this. However, in order to carry out effective and successful marketing activities, a well-thought-out marketing strategy is essential.

Strategic marketing is the document in which you lay out your goals for the given period and how you will achieve them. You determine who your target group is, how you reach them and turn them into customers. The marketing strategy includes your goals, the characteristics of your target group, competitor analysis and other strategic elements, i.e. the marketing mix. Of course, countless definitions have been created over the years, but in most formulations it is included that the marketing strategy shows what must be achieved with the marketing activity. Although strategic thinking basically does not require documentation, I find that a written marketing strategy is the basis of a successful business. Research shows that those who document their marketing strategy are more likely to achieve their goals.


Different Strategic Marketing Techniques

  • Product – product or service that we want to sell
  • Price - price or price level
  • Place - place, i.e. the sales channel
  • Promotion – promotion, popularization, advertising, PR, social media, with which we practically "blow up the foam" around the product
  • Customer value - the value that the consumer gives to the product (reference price - according to consumer behavior models)
  • Convenience – comfort that comes with using the product
  • Cost - cost (price, purchase, maintenance, etc.)
  • Communication (advertising, customer service)

Its meaning has changed over the years, so today it is used several times to describe very unusual, creative marketing communication techniques.

The push-pull strategy was primarily an invention of the giant company called Procter & Gamble, many decades ago. While its competitors tried to get their products onto the retailers' shelves with the biggest possible discounts given to retailers, Procter took the opposite tack: it did not give in to the retailers' pressure, instead he advertised his products on TV to the point of boredom. And the consumer wanted to buy it, went to the store, and was upset when he couldn't find it on the shelf. And he took out his venom on the merchant.

The companies began intensive communication with the consumer: they asked for permission to contact them with their offers by e-mail, text message, or letter. This is the so-called permission marketing.

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What Is Good Strategic Marketing?

There are no universal solutions in marketing. Every company, product, and service is different, so no two marketing strategies can be the same. Everyone wants to serve their products differently, their strengths and weaknesses are different. The target market is different, the competition is different and different people work at the company.

The marketing strategy defines the steps on the basis of which the company is able to fulfill its own ideas and the expectations of the target market. A truly thorough marketing strategy includes a description of the company's market position, marketing cost proposal, tool system, and even establishes a priority order.
It provides a clear and understandable picture, which makes it easier and more efficient to achieve market success.

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The Marketing Strategy Consists Of The Following Steps

  • Competition analysis
  • SWOT analysis (assessing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
  • Target market analysis
  • Setting short- and long-term goals
  • Inventing the company's slogan and message
  • Definition of USP (Unique Selling Proposition), the strength with which the company can stand out from its competitors
  • Image analysis
  • Pricing, pricing
  • Website analysis
  • Creating customer retention
  • Establishing vital company statistics, such as basket value, ROI
  • Preparation of the marketing strategy for products or services
  • Tactics for revitalizing old products
  • Outline advertising solutions
  • Establishing vital company statistics, such as basket value, ROI
  • Determination of advertising costs
  • Customer acquisition cost, etc.
  • SEO survey
  • Keyword research
  • Determination of marketing tools that can be used to reach the target market
  • Inventing incoming products
  • Outline social media tactics
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