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We help you create a uniform image that will easily identify your company or brand, regardless of whether they come across your posts or ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube.

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  • "go the extra mile" credo.
  • Precision.
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Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok

Be Present Everywhere!

the basics

Facebook marketing

Undoubtedly, Facebook is still one of the most versatile social platforms in the online world. It can be used in so many ways in the life of a brand or company that it can only be limited by the imagination. Some are already talking about its decline, but its market leadership role is still dominant, so the presence of a company on Facebook is inevitable.

Közösségi Média
the basics

Instagram marketing

The age of Instagram has already arrived in Hungary, the platform initially known for its "only" image sharing function has grown into a social media site with serious results. In addition, it is constantly developing and expanding with excellent sales support tools in addition to its other functions (sending direct messages, stories, video conversations, Instagram TV, etc.). In the case of an online store, consultant or other service provider, e.g. it is possible to mark your products in the pictures.

the basics

LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional social media platform, an international online business network. You can also use it for job hunting, recruiting, building business relationships, learning and marketing. LinkedIn's website and mobile apps are only available in English, French, Spanish, German and a few other major languages. Nevertheless, Hungarian users fill out their profiles in Hungarian, post and write in Hungarian. However, the user interface is not translated into Hungarian.

the basics

TikTok marketing

If you want to promote your brand, direct more visitors to your website, or increase the number of conversions in your online store, TikTok ads offer innovative solutions to achieve your goals, at a fraction of the average price of Facebook ads!

which is worth paying attention to

How Can You Achieve Success In Social Media?

Sharing content on every existing social media platform may seem like a frugal solution, but it will not bring the results you expect. Without goals, your work has no value. We also help you set goals, because as we know, you can measure, but it doesn't matter what!

Sharing once a week is not enough. In order to engage people with your page, you need to post a few times a week or once a day.

In addition to interesting and useful content, your posts should encourage engagement and interaction. Interaction is the key to building a relationship with consumers. Surprises and exciting shopping opportunities are what people share or click on. Our Pécs agency also helps with creative text writing and graphics.

A common mistake is to put all our energy into one area and neglect the rest.

Social media marketing is not expensive, so you don't have to worry about the budget in order to achieve positive results. You can have a successful campaign even with a small amount of money.

By comparing your strategy and results with those of your competitors, you can gain important information about which areas you still need to work on and how to approach them.

To maximize your company's effectiveness in social media marketing, comb your social media regularly. Of course, we know that time is money, and you most likely won't have time for this - no problem! We are also happy to take on this task.

If you complete all the tasks and develop a social media strategy, but have no measurable results, you cannot determine how successful your social media campaign was.

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