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The two largest global advertising management systems are Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) and Facebook ads. These are the most common platforms, and we also work on them. We provide a full range of services, from planning to implementation and optimization to regular monthly reports.

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Google - Facebook


What is an ad/advertisement?

Advertising is part of marketing. In both cases, the goal is to sell a certain product or service, to encourage consumption. However, while advertising conveys a message to the consumer ("choose this"), marketing tries to make the product itself more attractive and more salable. This includes the design of the product's packaging, the price calculation, the brand, the choice of the product's location in the store, promotions [discounts, 0% interest]. In addition to these earlier distribution methods, the role of advertising media and distribution methods appearing in social spaces on the Internet has become increasingly important since the 2010s.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Ustream, Prezi, etc. provides an opportunity for users of the Internet's social spaces to share the photos, films, writings, animations, etc. they have taken with a huge community. This is the world of so-called "grassroots" publishing. In 2015, there is already an example of a feature film appearing on YouTube immediately after its official release, giving anyone the opportunity to download it for free (Fifty Shades of Grey). Advertising is often called marketing communication, sales hype.

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Offline and online ads

Advertising is still one of the defining tools for drawing attention to our products and services, however, in our time, the perception of this and the receptiveness of individual target groups are also changing significantly.
While online ads naturally reach regular and conscious Internet users (the younger the target group, the more typical they are of finding their information online), offline ads are diverse and it is only generally true that they are primarily aimed at the older generation.


Google Ads advertising management

Paid ads appearing in the Google search results list

Ads in different formats, but usually images or text, appearing on Google's partner network websites

If you have an online store, your products can appear at the top of the search results list

Application campaigns

YouTube campaigns

Messages appearing in promotional emails in Gmail mailboxes


Facebook, Instagram advertising management

Traffic diversion
Conversion acquisition
Video views
Activity increase (post promotion)
Increasing Facebook page likes Messenger message ads

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Personalized advertising management

In addition to ad management, we inform you about the results by phone or in the form of a report on a monthly basis, or even more often by agreement. With this, you can track changes and work processes. Remember, during the campaign we are constantly measuring and testing to make sure everything is moving in the right direction! One of the foundations of successful campaign management is evaluation, so after evaluating your campaign, we always make suggestions for further growth. We provide you with a dedicated professional contact person who will always be at your disposal and provide you with continuous support and professional advice, as he knows the given area well and has complex professional knowledge.

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7 Steps To Successful PPC Campaigns

We are blind without surveying and getting to know the website, marketing channels, social media sites and, of course, the target group. But competitor and keyword research is also vital.

We prepare the texts of the ads and the creatives of the campaigns.

We make all the technical settings before starting your advertising campaign.

Testing, testing, testing. We test target audiences, keywords, landing pages and creatives until we achieve the desired effect.

From the incoming data, we draw out the connections with an expert eye and modify the settings based on them.

We constantly monitor the reactions of the target audience, and if we see that we are no longer achieving the desired effect, we shake them up with new ads, promotions, and messages.

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